1. What is the actual Balloon made of?

The balloon is manufactured in the United States of a Natural Rubber Latex (biobased elastomer) material.  All ingredients in the balloon meet U.S. FDA Standards for food contact – (FDA 177.26).
Air Cork will not alter the taste of your wine.

2. How long will the Air Cork stay sealed?

The Air Cork is intended to inhibit oxidation and keep your wine at its peak.  Inflating the balloon until 1-1/2 inches is pressed to the bottle side, typically lasts 3 days.  The beauty is that you can give the pump a couple more squeezes before it loses its seal if you need a couple of extra days.

3. How do I replace the balloon?

4. Where should I keep my wine?

Your wine can be kept at room temperature, vertically in your temperature controlled cellar or vertically in a refrigerator. We recommend enjoying your wine within 3 days.
(Note: If you choose to store your wine in the refrigerator, the balloon will not immediately return to its original size once the air is released. The balloon stays slightly larger and it should be gently removed from the bottle. It will return to its original size when it is rinsed or warms on its own.)

5. Can I order replacement balloons?

Yes, please visit our on-line store HERE.

6. How can I provide feedback?

Please send us a note on our site HERE, or send us an email at contact@aircork.com.  We appreciate all feedback.

7. Is the balloon supposed to touch the wine?

Yes, the balloon is intended to touch the wine in order to keep as much air out as possible.  All ingredients in the balloon meet U.S. FDA Standards for food contact – (FDA 177.26).

8. Will the balloon affect the taste of my wine?

No, the balloon will not change the taste of your wine.

9. How much should I pump the balloon when I preserve my wine.

We recommend pumping the balloon until you can see it seal against the side of the bottle and then just 1 or 2 more pumps until approximately 1 1/2 inches of balloon is pressed to the side of the bottle.

10. Is there any assembly required?

When you open the box for the first time, your AirCork may be fully assembled with the balloon already attached to the tubing.

If not, the balloon and attached fitting will be packaged in a small zip top bag. Simply push the balloon assembly into the open end of the tubing. Your Air Cork is fully assembled. No need to remove the balloon each time you use the Air Cork. Simply store the entire Air Cork in the storage bag between uses.

11. Can the Air Cork be used in oversized bottles?

The Air Cork is designed for standard wine bottles only, 750ml bottles or smaller. We are designing a larger balloon for larger format bottles. We will let you know when they are available.

12. What does a professional sommelier think about the Air Cork?: